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The towers stand alone derelict in the fields, in use as a pig sty, club house, museum, office, still active as a Control Tower, or converted into a house. They form part of the English landscape and are mostly to be found in the Eastern counties. Some of them are listed buildings, cultural heritage. The photographic survey is also supported by the stories of the situation in which they are found. Together with geographical co-ordinates and Os reference they are easy to find or visited.

'I'd like to congratulate you on your project which sounds interesting and worthwhile, and which will provide a poignant souvenir of the allied effort during WWII.'
(Michael Portillo)

'The photographs within this book are important because they also record a moment in time when these relics of conflict are slowly undergoing change, being redefined into something new, but always retaining the authentic narrative of their past.'
(Paul Middleton)